Which Rolex will be discontinued in 2023?

Which Rolex will be discontinued in 2023?

Every year, Rolex releases a list of its new models.

Rolex undoubtedly stands out above all watch companies in terms of the amount of engagement and interest.

This is one of the most publicized and awaited events of the year because Rolex reveals new models and surprises its customers with innovation and creativity.

Yet in addition to being eager to hear which new models Rolex has introduced.

Many consumers are also interested in knowing which models the brand has discontinued.

New Rolex models often include an out with the old and in with the new philosophy.

In other words, the old one is replaced when Rolex introduces a new model.

However, The majority of Rolex releases are usually modifications of current models that are added to an existing collection.

Why Rolex Discontinue watches?

Which Rolex will be discontinued in 2023

When Rolex switches from one generation of a model to another for instance by giving it a new-generation caliber and a new reference number that is when a new model replaces the previous one.

Rolex sometimes decides to discontinue models even though they don’t have a watch to replace them.

Rolex often discontinues different dial variants. Even though they don’t have a watch to replace them.

Therefore, for example, they may stop making a certain Datejust dial, but the model will still be produced using the other dial choices.

Likewise, Rolex often produces new dial versions as well.

The fact that prices for these watches often tend to soar when they are discontinued is one of the reasons there is such interest in the defunct Rolex models.

When individuals learn that they are no longer being produced and have been discontinued.

People immediately start trying to get one because they understand that discontinued watches will become harder and harder to obtain in the future.

Prices usually increase when many individuals do this.

Making these discontinued Rolex models even more highly prized and challenging to buy.

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Rolex Watches Discontinued in 2023

List of Rolex models that will be discontinued in 2023:

Discontinued Rolex Daytona Watches

The new generation Daytona 126xx series has taken the place of all previous generation Daytona watches with reference numbers 116xxx.

There were a few defunct models without any successors, despite the fact that Rolex had updated references to replace many of the earlier Daytona versions.

As of 2023, these popular Rolex Daytona watches are no longer available in the current catalog:

  • Yellow Gold Daytona with green dial “John Mayer (ref. 116508)
  • White gold Daytona with blue dial (ref. 116509) 
  • Everose Daytona with brown dial (ref. 116505)
  • All Daytona watches with meteorite dials (ref. 116518LN, 116519LN, 116515LN, 116508, 116509, 116505)

Now that both Daytona models have been pulled from the range, it’s probable that the demand for them, especially the “John Mayer” Daytona, will surge on the secondary market.

Discontinued Rolex Sky-Dweller Watches

All the Sky-Dwellwe watches models with references 326xxx have also been discontinued and replaced with the new generation 336xx series with the new 9002 movements.

Its lookalike Rolex is going to replace most of the previous Sky-Dewller Configurations.

Discontinued Rolex Milgauss

Rolex has discontinued its complete line of antimagnetic watches with lightning-bolt seconds hands, including the Milgauss.

Rolex opted to completely discontinue the collection this year, contrary to popular belief that the firm will renew it.

The last two Milgauss timepieces, which were phased out in 2023, are as follows:

  • Milgauss watch with a Z-Blue dial 116400GV
  • Milgauss watch with a black dial 116400GV

Discontinued Cellini

It should come as no surprise that Rolex will end its Cellini series in 2023.

The Moonpase ref. 50535, the last model in the Cellini series, has since been retired in 2023.

The Cellini is replaced by the Rolex dress watch series with leather straps by the Perpetual 1908.

Is the Rolex Daytona to be Discontinued?

No, Rolex Daytona is not discontinued. The Rolex Daytona model is still produced today. A chronograph timepiece made specifically for racing car drivers.

The Daytona style computes average speed and quantifies the amount of time that has passed.

Is the Rolex 116900 discontinued?

Yes, Rolex Air King 116900 is discontinued. The Air-King 116900 is launched in 2016 and now after five years gets discontinued. However, Rolex completely stops producing the Air-King model. Instead, they used the fresh reference 126900.

Will Rolex increase production in 2023?

No, Rolex will not increase its production in 2023 because Rolex is a premium watch brand. They intentionally produce fewer watches to increase their demand in the market.

It simple demand-and-supply game (fewer Rolex watches more demand). This is the primary reason why Rolex is relevant for so many years.


Although the aforementioned factors all contribute significantly to the value of a Rolex watch investment or buy, selecting the proper model and obtaining the greatest degree of authenticity guarantee is equally crucial. To avoid falling victim to a fake, it is usually advised that you go through a complete verification procedure before purchasing or disposing of a Rolex.

They consist of:

  • The watch is fake if it doesn’t have a serial number and case reference number.
  • Look for the little crown that is carved right above the number 6 on the watch crystal. It’s a phony if it doesn’t have one.
  • If you hear ticking, it’s a fake Rolex since real ones don’t.
  • A Rolex watch is a fake if it feels light. Genuine Rolexes are weighty and fashioned of metal.
  • If the watch in your hand shakes, it is a fake since only the highest quality components are used by Rolex.

Resource: New and Discontinued Rolex watches

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