Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued List 2023

What Victoria’s Secret Perfume was Discontinued in 2023? 

In the latter half of the 1980s, Victoria’s Secret perfume was introduced. 

According to the official Victoria’s Secret website because of the company’s founding, 16 of the original fragrances have been discontinued.

Victoria’s Secret continues to produce and market 44 perfumes.

The absence of business or interest from customers would be the most probable explanation.

The low-profit margins for the fragrances can possibly be to blame.

In the US, lingerie, clothes, and cosmetics are all sold at Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret features several product lines in addition to its well-known lingerie line, including swimwear, sportswear under the name Victoria Sports, and a beauty section that sells fragrances, cosmetics, accessories, and other body care items.

Being the biggest retailer of lingerie in the United States, the brand has had difficulties since 2016.

This is because customer tastes are shifting and because corporate leadership’s business practices are controversial.

The business also has a vast range of product lines, body washes, and sprays that are no longer produced.

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Victoria’s Secret Perfume discontinued list

Provocative, passionate, or fun are some adjectives that describe Victoria’s Secret’s discontinued fragrances.

These may be obtained online via merchants like eBay or FragranceX, and certain Victoria’s Secret locations may still have them in stock.

The product’s availability is based on when it was discontinued.

The original Body by Victoria formula from 2012 is no longer offered since the brand underwent a revamp in 2014.

The following Victoria’s Secret fragrances are no longer available. As follows:

  • Victoria
  • Her Majesty’s Rose
  • Azurine
  • Breathless
  • Encounter
  • Body by Victoria
  • Basic Instinct
  • Victoria’s Bouquet
  • English Harvest Garden
  • Forget Me Not, Romantic Bouquet
  • Freesia
  • So In Love
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  • Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold
  • Simply Victoria

Finding some of the product line’s scents, body mists, and creams could need assistance.

They are difficult to locate even though they have not yet been formally withdrawn.

Pear Glace and other scents from the Forbidden Fantasy line are becoming harder to find.

A website called Scentmatchers makes the promise to replicate expensive scents.

They also go well with a real, uncommon, hard-to-locate, and discontinued favorite smell.

This site makes it possible to find and purchase Victoria’s Secret fragrances online, as well as have them skillfully duplicated and reproduced.

Why was Victoria’s Secret original pink perfume discontinued?

The most current item from the brand is a perfume called Original Pink.

Beginning with brilliant, seductive bergamot, lemon, and orange leaf notes, the fragrance is delicious citrus.

The scents of gardenia blooms, jasmine, peach, and summer rose to seduce us from the heart.

The original perfume has a toasted citrus aroma when you first spray it on your skin.

It also has a fresh, appealing, and somewhat sweet tropical touch.

It is the perfect fragrance for Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers since it provides a classic scent and turns women into vivacious, feminine symbols.

The summer and spring days are the greatest times to wear Victoria’s Secret Pink 2001 Perfume. It was designed by Romanian perfumer Annie Buzantian.

She created scents for the well-known brand Estee Lauder after receiving a lifetime achievement award for her work with another company.

These scents are magnificent, however owing to a shortage of availability, they, unfortunately, fall short in several areas.

There are two versions of Victoria’s Secret Pink: one from 2001 and one from 2013.

The second version’s accords were altered to have a sweeter tone, but the unfortunate fact is that both are distinct and hard to find.

Positive evaluations are given to the first edition, but the second lacks the same impact because of how sweet it is.

Make sure you have extras if your go-to fragrance is an old one.

If you appreciate the company, think about Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, which keeps the young and vibrant highlights of the Pink collection.

It has a more provocative, fruitier, exotic, and adventurous scent. It smells like vanilla, passion fruit, and Shangri-La peony.

Similar green undertones are combined with a sweet and fruity accent in Georgio Armani Si EDP.

The scents that most closely resemble Victoria’s Secret Pink are those with this progressively developing citrus accord.

This is a great substitute since another name for high-quality scents is Georgio Armani.

Victoria’s Secret Crush perfume discontinued

Secret Crush is yet another Victoria’s Secret trademark item that has been discontinued. Women may smell deliciously fragrant and flowery Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush.

The Hidden Garden line includes a delicious medley of frozen pears, peonies, and peach blooms. It is offered in collections for EDT, body mist, and body care.

Crush is a flirty floral scent with fiery heat overtones that was inspired by lovely lace undergarments. In July 2016, Victoria’s Secret was published.

This intriguing fragrance has a floral aroma that is fresh, feminine, and exotic with a seductive and vibrant twist. Pink pepper accords, fiery, bright aromas, and flowery notes are all present in Crush.

A special peony hybrid and Ashoka blossoms were chosen by the perfumers. The citrus flowery tones that the prize peony creates are both vivacious and feminine.

Ashoka blossoms are very scented, feature yellow-orange blooms, and bloom from February to April on Indonesia’s west coast rain forests.

In India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the Ashoka tree is highly regarded and respected. A scent with such a particular attribute has been dropped by the company.

Victoria’s Secret wicked perfume discontinued

The fragrance Wicked from Victoria’s Secret smells quite distinct from other scents. Although most others have a fruity or flowery perfume, “Evil” has a deeper, more potent aroma.

It has a 4-5 hour wear time since it is an eau de parfum. The base note is more vanilla-like and persists all day.

It recently became available in 2017. It comes in a substantial black and white glass container that gives off a posh vibe.

According to the season, The bottle has a very seductive look thanks to its black lace blooms. It is a day smell, particularly in the summer, but you may choose your preferred perfume. It is perfect for business, social events, and day getaways.

Victoria’s Secret has declared that their wicked perfume would no longer be sold. Our Wicked perfume series has been discontinued, Clarrissa, the firm tweeted. Stocking up while the mist is still available is advised!

Victoria’s Secret angel gold perfume discontinued

For many years, Victoria’s Secret has been renowned for its exquisite scent bottles.

The same is true for this one. It hasn’t altered since it was first introduced.

This scent hasn’t changed throughout time, unlike some others that have. It has great gold wings on the rear and a transparent bottle with a golden shimmer at the bottom.

The brand name is written on the front of the bottle. Consumers may trust that all information is written on the packaging.

The cap clicks shut and is constructed of premium plastic. They have produced very transportable 15-ml limited-edition rollerballs for these iconic scents.

The first notes of Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold are a delicious concoction of bergamot, orange, pomelo, kumquat, pear, and red berries.

Milder flower notes including peony, water lily, gardenia, jasmine, and tulip may be found in the scent’s center.

It is obvious why this is Victoria’s Secret’s top-selling scent overall. All day long, this flowery aroma will make you feel frivolous and feminine.

It lasts 5 to 6 hours when applied over your preferred moisturizer. Regrettably, Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold perfume has also been dropped by the company.


All of Victoria’s Secret’s apparel, accessory, and swimwear lines are being discontinued. The change aims to simplify business procedures and direct attention to the brand’s three primary product categories: lingerie, sportswear, and cosmetics.

As the formula is too old, brands may stop making the scent rather than changing the process. Fragrances could stop being sold when a company’s ownership changes.

The loss of crucial ingredients or the inability to sustain the manufacturing process is another typical cause for scent discontinuance. At this time, a lot of individuals will try to develop imitation scents, but due to the complexity of the manufacturing sector, this is difficult.


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