Is there a dog food shortage in 2023?

Yes, there is a dog food storage going on in 2023 because of a supply chain issue.

Pet food is the most recent item to experience shortage as a result of supply chain concerns.

We all know that eating is the one activity that all of our dogs enjoy.

However, you might notice recently it get difficult to find pet food in the supermarket.

Dog chow is the most recent product to experience a shortage in light of the recent egg and orange shortages. Not to mention the most recent item to see price increases.

Here is all the information you want on the shortage.

Why is there a Shortage of pet food?

Is there a dog food shortage in 2023

A shortage of pet food is because of supply chain issues. Supply chain problems have been a common problem for retailers and customers recently (particularly over the last five years). They have impacted practically everything you can think of. These supply chain problems in this situation have a major effect on smaller retailers.

David Clark, the manager of one supermarket shop, discusses the lack of pet food. According to him, “the quantity offered doesn’t cover the market as it needs to.” “My sources claim that raw materials are first diverted for use by humans.”

Also, the lack of pet food is being exacerbated by staffing shortages, higher costs, and generally delayed delivery.

According to Clark, these supply chain problems have unfortunately led to pet food costs rising by up to 40% from two years ago.

How long will there be a pet food shortage?

When the current pet food shortage will be resolved is still unclear. Yet there is undoubtedly optimism in sight.

Yet, he [a Purina official] even cautioned that dry (food) is going to take a time to catch up, according to Clark, pet food companies like Purina are “far more comfortable about availability on the canned side.”

Can I do something about the shortage?

Some pet owners may need to switch to brands of pet food that are more widely accessible due to the shortage. Fortunately, experts provide some valuable advice.

According to Erin Evans Greens, vice president of the pet products firm UPCO, “if you’re going to switch and you have to move brands, sometimes a lamb and rice would assist.” “We also advise attempting to spread it out over a week. So, to help them get acclimated to the new food, you kind of mix it around for a time. Moreover, we advise taking a probiotic.

These items will be less expensive this year if you’re wanting to save money in other areas owing to the increased cost of pet food.

Future of pet food

According to pet food processing, Nobody can foretell the future, but by closely examining the changing industrial patterns of today, we may be able to get a sense of where we’re going.

Since Purina introduced its first dog food, Purina Dog Chow, over 100 years ago in 1926, the pet food business has seen significant development.

Today’s pet food and treat producers provide balanced, full meals in kibble form, freeze-dried versions, and even fresh pet food substitutes that are marketed in refrigerator supermarket cases.

In today’s formulations, plants, insects, and even components created in labs are used in addition to animal proteins and byproducts.

Moreover, pet food now includes components that support cognitive function, mobility, mood improvement, and other life-improving activities for pets in addition to the regular dietary requirements that dogs and cats need.

Pet food has evolved significantly during the last 100 years. And while no one can foretell the future, it’s reasonable to bet that pet food will be far more expensive in 100 years.

During the next 20 years and beyond, the pet food and treat market will continue to be led by the advances that have dominated it for the last 10 to 20 years.

Trends like transparency, sustainability, automation, humanization, and premiumization are reshaping the business world and its major actors.

According to Rick Ruffolo, chief executive officer and president of Phelps Pet Products, Rockford, Illinois, “companies either may embrace and innovate — or choose to reject change and lose relevance in the industry over the next few years.”

It’s the proper action to take for the sector, for our clients, and ultimately for the environment.

Resource: There’s a National Pet Food Shortage Going On

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