Is Maruchan Ramen discontinued?

Is Maruchan Ramen discontinued? Ramen is the most well-liked quick-cook dish.

It has a fair price. It’s easy to increase the nutritional value and flavor of the noodles by adding meat and other veggies.

The popular Japanese noodle brand “Maruchan Ramen” has gained the appreciation of its customers.

Many individuals think that this popular noodle will still be offered.

Nonetheless, there have long been whispers that it may be discontinued. What is the truth, then?

There is still no formal end to Maruchan ramen. Yet, reports of its imminent extinction are due to supply chain issues.

These noodles are more popular and commonly bought. The firm thus gets large orders that exceed its capability.

As a consequence, several establishments stopped selling it and started serving other foods in place of the well-known ramen.

Let’s examine what transpired with Maruchan ramen and the reasons it was discontinued.

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Why is Maruchan so hard to find?

Japanese cuisine is known for its dish ramen. Using wheat noodles, it is a variation of Chinese soups. Amen has just risen to the top of the list of Japanese meals that are consumed the most.

Often, seaweed, scallions, bamboo shoots, and sliced pork are added to ramen. It is offered with miso soup or soy sauce.

Momofuku Ando, a Taiwanese-Japanese entrepreneur and the man behind Nissin Foods created “Ramen noodles,” a modern take on the traditional ramen dish. He started producing them in 1958.

Ramen noodles may now be made more quickly and easily since, after adding the boiling water, all that is left to do is wait for our food to be done.

In 1977, Maruchan, a different producer of instant noodles, started manufacturing ramen in California.

While they used to purchase and sell ramen from Japan, the brand has since gained popularity and has continued to grow.

As a result, along with brands like Top Ramen, it is one of the most recognizable instant ramen noodle brands in the US.

The sad news that several local stores no longer stock Maruchan ramen noodles saddened lovers of the brand.

There is no set schedule for ceasing Maruchan ramen sales.

Nevertheless, the problem is with the supply chain of this Japanese noodle company.

The majority of merchants have run out of Maruchan ramen since the COVID-19 outbreak due to the unprecedented increase in demand.

It should go without saying that the coronavirus outbreak had a significant negative impact on the economy and commercial sector. Even ramen-making companies like Maruchan weren’t left out.

Due to the closure of stores and the shift toward internet activity, many were compelled to remain inside throughout the epidemic.

Due to the outbreak, several supply companies had problems with their shipping strategies. Regrettably, this was a significant issue.

In any sector, transportation is crucial for delivering completed products to numerous neighborhood stores or branches.

The adaptability of ramen in preparation throughout this crisis further increased its popularity.

Balancing the unanticipated increase in demand with the constricted supply caused by a shrinking workforce was another difficulty.

Due to the requirement for a system to move supplies or buy processed items from branches, there were shortages.

The good news is that Maruchan made a commitment to its clients to diligently fix this issue so that delectable ramen is once again accessible at all locations. But it could take some time.

Is there a Maruchan Ramen shortage in 2023?

According to Maruchan’s website, it is doubtful that Maruchan ramen will be offered in many places due to the need for readily accessible noodles.

But, it’s unlikely that we will locate Maruchan ramen in your neighborhood store because it is out of stock but has not yet been discontinued.

These noodles may still be available at some other locations, however, since there isn’t a complete scarcity at the moment.

Maruchan Corporation has made the decision to discontinue offering a few of its ramen noodle varieties due to low demand in comparison to other types.

Their flavors include tomato, quick wonton, and oriental. As a consequence, even if it happens less often than previously, Maruchan ramen noodles are still available in a variety of tastes.

Several well-known US stores continue to stock and sell Maruchan ramen in spite of the supply issue. Like with any other goods, we have the option to purchase these Maruchan ramen offline or online.

While doing our actual shopping, we may go to the following prominent supermarkets:

  • Square K
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Bashas
  • Walgreens
  • Asian marketplaces at Target

Even better, Target reports that this ramen will be offered in a variety of varieties in both soup cups and super six packs.

However keep in mind that owing to shortages and escalating demand, their availability fluctuates.

Because of this, we cannot be certain that we will always be able to discover this ramen. It’s because more customers are making larger purchases at a daily rate.

The best thing to do is to buy it right now. We can utilize their website to find out which places sell Maruchan ramen, which would make things much easier for fans.


In conclusion, the shops may hold great promise for Maruchan ramen to be found there. When looking for a store, here are some of our top choices.

The best course of action is to go online to find out which local establishments carry it.

Consider Maruchan noodles if you want easy-to-make dishes. Yet a lot of other people also like this ramen, which raises demand over supply.

There will undoubtedly soon be further shortages as a consequence. In order to make good on its promise to bring its ramen back to all locations, the Maruchan corporation should bear this in mind when considering alternate options.

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