Is Hot Funyuns Shortage in the USA?

Funyuns are produced by Frito Lay, a PepsiCo subsidiary.

The firm announced $200 million in investment in 2022 to build two manufacturing lines to its Texas plant’s supply of Funyuns and tortilla chips.

To accommodate future demand, the group also said that it will expand its warehousing capacity.

Whether Funyuns will still be available in 2022 will be discussed in this article.

Is Hot Funyuns Shortage in the USA?

Funyuns don’t seem to be in shortage throughout the country, and Amazon may have a good selection of them.

Nevertheless, if you try to purchase Funyuns from the Frito Lay website, it states, “We are working hard to make items easily accessible to our customers.

Even if a product seems to be available in our finder, it won’t be available. We advise phoning your local shop to confirm orders or using grocery delivery.

A few retailers might have temporary shortages of Funyuns products. But, there isn’t always a significant shortage, as is the case with many other packaged meal alternatives, such as the infant method.

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Are they discontinuing hot Funyuns?

A strike by hundreds of employees at a Frito-Lay manufacturing facility in Kansas is into its third week due to required overtime and extended workweeks.

Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, and Funyuns are produced at the PepsiCo subsidiary facility which causes shortages at local stores.

Are popular Funyuns being phased out? There are now 2 flavors of Funyuns. The first taste is a rare onion flavor, while the second flavor is a Flamin hot flavor.

The Flamin hot flavor was introduced in 2007, whereas the original flavor has been available since 1969.

Frito Lay introduced the flavors Chili & Limon and Steakhouse Onion, however due to weak demand, they were eventually dropped.

Has Funyuns been discontinued in 2022?

As was already noted in the taste section, certain Funyun varieties are no longer available, although Frito-Lay continues to produce the snack.

There are two varieties available as of 2021: the regular Funyuns and the Funyuns Flamin’Flamin’ spicy.

What are Funyuns made up from?

Sea salt, less than 2% of the following, enriched corn meal (corn meal, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid), vegetable oil (corn, canola, and sunflower oil), and less than 2% of the following: Yeast extract, Cheddar Cheese milk, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, Buttermilk, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate.

Is Funyuns healthy?

They don’t contain any saturated coffee fat, cholesterol, or trans fats. Despite being designed like a typical fried onion ring, they do not pose the same nutritional hazards. Almost as if they were made for you.

What year did Funyuns come out?

It’s time to quit giving a crap and put aside trying to appear stylish with chai-flavored biscotti. That’s why I bought a huge bag of warm, Flamin’ Flamin’ Funyuns. First introduced in 1994, the untidy, pungent rings unexpectedly disappeared from the market not long after they touched shelves.

Is Funyuns vegan?

This article appears to answer one of the most often-asked queries about vegan-friendly snacks.

Regrettably, milk-based ingredients are included in both Flamin’ Warm and the original Funyuns, making them incompatible with vegans. As a result, none of the Funyuns flavors are vegan.

Are Funyuns actual onions?

Funyuns, which were created in 1969 with the help of Frito-Lay employee George Bigner, are mainly composed of fried cornmeal and are often spiced with MSG and onion powder.

There are simply a few onion powders and a spice combination with a “natural toasted onion flavor”; there is no actual onion in the dough.

Why are warm Funyuns so addictive?

Very likely, it is addictive. Warm Cheetos give out a burning sensation that releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural opiates.

We feel wonderful after consuming it (at least until the opiate wears off), and then we feel the want to consume more.

Is Funyuns not good for you?

A bag of fungus has around 13 pieces, and each one contains 270 mg of salt. It reduces the maximum amount of salt that should be consumed each day, which is 1500 mg.

Increased risks of hypertension, coronary heart disease, renal issues, dehydration, edema, and decreased bone density are associated with excessive salt consumption.

Do Funyuns make you gain weight?

Don’t think that Funyuns are healthy, the epitome of wholesome, or that they will transport you back to your childhood with just one bite.

Each individual who falls victim to this empty-calorie trap earns around 10% of their daily fat intake.

What happens if you eat too many Funyuns?

Consuming MSG may also lead to weight issues, confusion, headaches, depression, nausea, an elevated heart rate, and many other side effects.


Generally, several of the hot Funyuns varieties have been eliminated owing to worse consumer response and production issues, particularly during the Covid period. There are just two flavors offered on the market.

In addition, the company will inform consumers whether it intends to stop selling the whole product range or if it will resume selling the prior varieties in the near future.

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