Is Ethika going out of business (2023) – Who owns this brand now?

Is Ethika going out of business? No, Ethika is not going out of business.

An American underwear brand called Ethika sells intimate apparel for both men and women.

The majority of goods are produced in the United States of America.

Since its founding in 2001, the business has sold underwear to both men and women. Later, the firm added selling children’s underwear to its line of business.

It has introduced several new items for adults, adolescents, and children since 2015. You can find out here whether Ethika is still operating in 2023 as well as currently.

According to Wikipedia, Malcolm McCassy founded and owns Ethika. His goal when creating the business was to provide sportswear and undergarments that served several purposes and were of great quality.

Lil Jon was the first hip-hop musician to wear Ethika back in the year 2008. Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, MGK, and Kid Ink made the product popular. 

Before creating the final items, the staff of this brand considered several samples and indicators. The company said that much work had been spent making sure the general public would find its goods pleasant.

Many people began to think that Ethika was going out of business as a result of a PR campaign by the company.

By going on sale and pretending to have fallen out of business and to be selling everything at a discount of 50% to 80%, the brand made customers seem foolish.

Afterward, it was discovered that everything had been a bad April Fool’s hoax.

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Is Ethika going out of business? 

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Being ethical means staying in business. The brand embarrassed the people by utilizing a delicate subject.

Several businesses suffered during the pandemic because they were forced to completely shut down or lay off a large number of staff.

On their website, Ethika disclosed a massive sale with most items discounted by 50% to 80%. The brand became popular on Twitter as soon as the agreement was revealed, and many felt awful for this brand.

As a result, everyone began purchasing their unsold shares to support the business in whatever way they could.

Nevertheless, when customers used to go to the payment area after choosing all of the things, the pricing of these items was different from the ones that were on sale.

However, the amount used to be substantially greater than the website’s lowered pricing.

Cheap publicity stunt

Customers were duped by the brand on April 1st, and the attention this prank generated for the company was enormous.

This joke was not well received by the general public at the time, and this brand received harsh criticism as a result.

During the epidemic, the globe was going through a difficult time, therefore mocking such a delicate subject was not appropriate for such an established business.

Most individuals described it as a cheap PR gimmick to attract the public’s attention. This subject generated a lot of debate.

For a very long time, Ethika has played April 1st pranks on its consumers, but most people thought 2020 might be spared because of the troubles that the whole globe was experiencing concurrently.

In America, most individuals don’t participate in April Fool’s Day celebrations. No retail or e-commerce websites have any special offers or deals. It was seen as quite irresponsible of this brand to act in such a crude manner.

Not a single patron could find it humorous. All those businesses and sectors who were suffering and requesting support from consumers were being made fun of.

As soon as this company’s name started trending on Twitter, people started criticizing them for the prank. This might be a covert marketing tactic used by this firm.

Why is Ethika a famous brand?

In the US, Ethika has a good amount of recognition. The public is aware of this brand because of the high quality and variety of products it delivers.

Moreover, it has begun making hoodies, pants, and T-shirts. Each person is drawn to their unique and contemporary graphic patterns and motifs.

Due to the cotton mix used in their construction, these underwear have an extremely soft fabric.

To feel comfortable while exercising, utilize it at your gym. While the elastic is quite tight, it is gentle on the skin.

The goods from this brand are strong and are likely to survive longer than other items of a similar kind currently on the market.

Normally, after a few hours of nonstop usage, old activators begin to bother you. Ethika, however, is distinct in that they stay at ease during the service.

Also, they greatly enhance the attractiveness of your physique. Your choice of underwear may have a significant impact.

All body types may be complemented by a variety of goods. The brand is quite diverse, and each product has been created with the customer’s other needs in mind.

These underwear are also composed of micro-mesh, which makes them quite comfortable on warm days.

Generally speaking, when it’s too hot, your underwear becomes sticky. But because of intelligent design, underwear by Ethika does not cause any problems even on the hottest days.

Ethika Music

Ethika’s development and impact have mostly come via music.

One of the first musicians to be seen sporting the brand was Meek Mill, followed by Lil Jon, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lil Jon.

Shortly after, hallmark compilations were issued by The Game, Chevy Woods, Casey Veggies, and Kid Ink. Meek Mill, Kid Ink, Casey Veggies, Lil Durk, Chevy Woods, Ace Hood, Bricc Baby, YBS Skola, Jahlil Beats, Tdot Illdude, Dave East, and Bok Nero are among the twelve musicians on Ethika’s 2017 hip-hop mixtape RGB1.

Together with a brand-new Ethikas distinctive look, each artist also released a brand-new, unique song. It was said that Ethika will release the project every year.

Ethika’s second mixtape 2018 saw the release of RGB2.

For RGB2, Casey Veggies, Lil Durk, Ace Hood, YBS Skola, Tdot Illdude, Kid Ink, and Casey returned.  Chainz, Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, Lil Skies, Chevy Woods, Zoey Dollaz, and Young Jordan were among the artists that contributed to its 19 songs.

 Ethika’s Prophesy Mixtape 2018 included 13 songs from musicians in the younger age bracket. Each artist also has a unique pair of Ethikas, similar to RGB1 and RGB2.


Atika won’t be closing its doors. It is a highly successful business that has grown over time.

The business has had the good fortune of working with smart, powerful people who have made choices that were in its best interests.

Throughout the years, they have introduced a lot of items for men, women, and kids.

The majority of these goods have been well-liked and received favorable reviews from consumers.

This company’s undergarments and activewear have served as an inspiration for several other businesses in the same industry.

By producing sweatshirts and bumper stickers with its brand name, the business has been quite active in marketing.

Due to a choice that was made insensitively on April Fools’ Day, the corporation has found itself in a dispute in 2020. They decided to pose as bankrupt to the public and held a sham auction.

This was not well received by the public, and the business received harsh criticism.

While the corporation hasn’t made an official remark about the situation since then, it is safe to infer that they are now considerably more cautious.

No matter how strong and clever a brand is, it must always respect the feelings of its consumers.


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