Is Cracker Barrel closing stores in 2023?

Is cracker barrel closing stores in 2023? Cracker Barrel has opted to shut its last outlets close to Portland. Oregon is the second big business to completely leave the region this year.

On March 20, the stores closed locations in Beaverton and Tualatin.

A third store in Bend also shuttered around 3.5 hours’ drive from Portland.

Walmart stated earlier this month that it will close its last locations in Portland.

The store claimed that the cause was a failure to achieve “financial expectations,”. Although reporters indicate that theft may have also been a factor.

Why is Cracker Barrel Closing?

Cracker barrel’s closing due to the pandemic was mentioned by Cracker Barrel.

The Beaverton, Tualatin, and Bend facilities will be closed.

a spokeswoman said. “We are regretful that we have been unable to overcome the damage the pandemic has on our company.”

The only surviving Cracker Barrel restaurant in Oregon is in Medford which is around a 4.5-hour drive from Portland.

Almost 600 sites in the country belong to the network of restaurants with a southern flavor.

Lovers of Cracker Barrel love its food, such as meatloaf, fried chicken, chicken & dumplings, and breakfast.

The renowned Cracker Barrel known for its country shop and homestyle comfort cuisine was rumored to shut down in 2021.

It turns out that it is a rumor.

Cracker Barrel restaurant History

The first Cracker Barrel restaurant started in Tennessee in 1969, and the chain is still going strong today.

Throughout the country’s interstates, Cracker Barrel offers both tourists and residents a spot to eat a home-style meal and maybe play a game of checkers while rocking back and forth.

The restaurant itself will remain open while several of its menu items have been discontinued.

Creating an old-fashioned country shop for the contemporary day was the originator of Cracker Barrel, Dan Evins, and he was successful.

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are often enjoyed at the restaurant, and the old country businesses are well-known for their assortment of seasonal decorations, mementos, presents, apparel, sweets, and other items.

The Cracker Barrel interior design gives you the impression that you’re in an antique store which enhances the restaurant’s nostalgic, rural charm.

Is Cracker Barrel Closing?

Not all stores, Cracker Barrel is closing only loss-making restaurants.

While Cracker Barrel, like many other restaurants, was impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, the good news is that Cracker Barrel is just as healthy—if not healthier—than one of its home-cooked veggie meals.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store had an increase in revenue of more than 11% over the previous year with total sales of $862.26 million.

Its stock, CBRL, is rated a hold by Wall Street analysts.

It doesn’t sound like the shutdown of a restaurant.

According to Cracker Barrel, there are 665 locations of restaurant chains around the US.

There are 664 Cracker Barrel stores in 45 U.S. states, in addition to ghost kitchens that operate to deliver Cracker Barrel favorites via GrubHub and DoorDash.

Where Did These Rumors Come From?

Why would anybody assume that these crowd-pleaser restaurants would be closing based on the packed Cracker Barrel parking lots?

According to trusted myth-buster Snopes, the rumors about Cracker Barrel closing started with clickbait material online claims reliable.

The eye-catching title “Saying Goodbye: Shops Closing in 2021 Throughout the Country (See Complete List)” appeared atop a picture of a Cracker Barrel restaurant in the advertising.

Even though Cracker Barrel wasn’t listed among the shops and restaurants shutting, the meaning of the image and story was clear.

Rumors of Cracker Barrel’s doom may have been fueled in part by the chain’s history of controversies and legal disputes.

The NAACP filed a complaint against Cracker Barrel in the early 2000s.

As a result, the US Justice Department launched an inquiry against allegations of racism.

According to the lawsuit, Black Americans were allegedly subjected to discrimination, segregation, and subpar treatment at restaurants in a number of states.

While Cracker Barrel was not given a punishment by the Justice Department, it was required that the eateries implement diversity and anti-discrimination programs and track progress by using undercover customers. A number of racial discrimination cases against the restaurant industry were resolved for $8.7 million.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index gave Cracker Barrel the lowest possible score, a zero, therefore they didn’t add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy until 2022.

When Bradley Reid Byrd questioned Cracker Barrel on Facebook about firing his wife, the restaurant chain likewise experienced a social media uproar in 2017. #JusticeForBradsWife hashtag messages inundated the social media platforms of Cracker Barrel.

Perhaps, Cracker Barrel has improved its practices after posting information about its diversity initiatives online.

Will Cracker Barrel Close in the Future? 

No company can ensure that it won’t be closing in the future, and no restaurant can guarantee that it will continue to expand.

Restaurant closures are often caused by poor business circumstances, negative press, and shifting trends.

Yet, there is no reason to believe that Cracker Barrel sites will soon be shutting. They are a cozy place for down-home food, and the restaurant seems to be attempting to restore its image.

Other Restaurant Closings 

Not all restaurants are doing well, just because Cracker Barrel is reporting an increase in sales after the outbreak.

Several restaurant chains are shutting down a large number of sites. To reduce their losses, restaurants including Steak & Shake, Applebee’s, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Red Robin, Krystal, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Golden Corral have all closed.

At least two of the restaurants have declared bankruptcy: Joe’s Crab Shack and Ponderosa’s owner Metromedia Steakhouses.


Cracker Barrel is closing only loss-making stores.

Your first concern should be what you’re going to eat from Cracker Barrel’s extensive menu of comfort food.

The options are virtually unlimited and include catfish and hushpuppies, turkey and dressing, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, fluffy biscuits, and hearty casseroles.

Many people prefer having breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel, replete with eggs, bacon, and pancakes, or tucking into mashed potatoes, roast beef, and gravy prepared exactly the way mom used to.

Don’t worry about Cracker Barrel shutting; instead, focus on making a decision or planning how you’ll work off that piece of apple pie on your subsequent jog around the block.

This country store-inspired favorite of the house will last for some time.

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Cracker Barrel’s Closing in big cities

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