Is Bulbhead going out of business in 2023? – Is it Closing?

Is Bulbhead going out of business? No, they aren’t going out of business, and here’s why?

Bright ideas may be found at BulbHead, a place where everyone can discover something they enjoy. If someone is seeking clever answers to common issues, they should go no further than this.

On this website, the researchers are always looking for the greatest items throughout the world. They carefully choose a blend of creative and useful solutions after reviewing the latest technology each day.

It is a cutting-edge website created in 2015 with the purpose of providing “BulbHeads.” They serve the interests of the consumers by offering an excellent shopping experience.

High-quality photos, educational videos, and customer evaluations are all included in their goods, enabling Bulbhead to express their thoughts and choose items with knowledge.

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Bulbhead working culture?

Is Bulbhead going out of business in 2023

For everyone’s home, garden, cooking, kids, pets, beauty, healthy living, or even gifts for family or friends, Bulbhead has only selected the best-of-the-best things.

We may see the day’s newest product launch as it happens if we subscribe to their email list or follow them on social media.

And if we are “BulbHeads” like them and have a thing or an idea we want them to think about, we can share it, propose it, or let them know, and maybe we can also help them achieve their objective!

All of the goods available at include educational movies to assist explain their features and advantages because each one is unique and special.

To provide us with an open and honest browsing and online purchasing experience, we can also discover product ratings and reviews as well as educational and interesting blog pieces.

Whether we want to purchase on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, their website was designed with our convenience in mind.

We will also get quick order tracking and real-time customer care when we choose to make a purchase.

Bulbhead Products

The Bulbhead team chooses premium goods, each with a distinct function. If you’re interested in learning about their product categories, you may discover them below.

  • Home and office items for cooking and baking
  • Tools and devices
  • Animal Resources
  • Organizing and Cleaning the Entertainment, Automotive, and Outdoor Living Sectors
  • Exercise Equipment
  • But in addition to that, they also offer items that Bulbheads designed themselves.

Where to buy Bulbhead?

BulbHead is presently owned and run by Ajit J. Khubani. American businessman Khubani is the owner of As Seen on TV companies including Telebrands.

BulbHead offers international shipping, hence the firm is changing its website’s domain name to

After doing a thorough web search, the BulbHead review team was able to locate only two stores to make purchases from: and Amazon.

They provide a huge selection of Bulbhead goods on their website. Simple things like A Posture Corrector are available.

Or the consistently well-liked Slim Cycle by Bulbhead, available on their website and Amazon.

You may read a thorough description of each product on their website before making a purchase, which can help you determine whether the thing you’re buying is beneficial.

You can go to Amazon if you aren’t sure whether to buy from their website directly.

Amazon is clearly a more reliable site for online buying due to a large number of verified reviews and transactions. It offers a large selection of Bulbhead items.

Due to the lack of a physical presence, Bulbhead concentrates on offering a top-notch online buying experience.

The headquarters of Bulbhead and Telebrands are both located in Fairfield, New Jersey, in the United States. Yet, the products are offered in major retailers and online in 120 different countries.

How to contact Bulbhead?

The hours of operation for this brand are 9 am to 5 pm AST from Monday through Friday and 8 am to 8 pm ET on the weekends.

Phone: +1 (800) 887-2717, online contact form, and online messenger are all ways to get in touch with it.

It was challenging to discover any information online about BulbHead’s return policy, much like in its shipping part.

Customers have 30 days to return an item if they aren’t happy with it. All goods must be in their original packing and condition in order to be accepted for return.

To make a return, the following actions must be taken:

  • Use a contact form or a phone number to speak with customer care.
  • Be ready in advance with the order number, address, and name.
  • Tell us why you’re coming back.
  • Adhere to the directions that were given to you.
  • Send things to the specified address in their original packaging.

Within five business days of receiving the item, all refunds will be processed and applied to the original account.

Please be advised that the amount to be refunded to the account will be reduced by the cost of shipping.

Is Bulbhead a scam?

Although Bulbhead has garnered a lot of unfavorable online reviews, the company is not likely to be a scam.

Website Bulbhead is a trustworthy one. Although we cannot guarantee it, our judgment is based on data from a number of sources.

Some clients are not happy with the service. But, Bulbhead items are also offered on Amazon, where customer ratings are overwhelmingly favorable.

Hence, even if some users could have had negative experiences with Bulbhead, labeling it a full hoax would be a little much.

On Reddit, where we were looking for evaluations, we came across several unfavorable comments from customers. We did observe one thing, though a lot of individuals had already made their opinions.

Using Bulbhead Goods. The reason for this is probably that they detest telemarketing. Because of this, the majority of web reviews contend that Bulbhead may not be worthwhile.

Is Bulbhead going out of business in 2023?

Everyone can find something to like at Bulbhead. It seeks to provide workable answers to our everyday issues and original suggestions for our domestic and daily requirements.

Online research indicates that there are both good and negative customer reviews for Bulbhead. Yet the business is not going out of business.


Ultimately, Bulbhead has had a difficult time building a solid reputation as a telebrand firm. About Bulbhead goods, many individuals have contradictory opinions. Customers that have enjoyed working with Bulbhead undoubtedly exist.

They just have bad luck in getting a nice item or service from Bulbhead. We can’t promise a good experience. Yet Bulbhead’s return policy enables sufficient testing.