Is Fairlife milk having a shortage?

Fairlife Milk Shortage 2023? In 2020, Fairlife Milk Corporation was severely embroiled in a major dispute.

This occurred as a result of a viral video showing employees forcefully assaulting cows that were captured secretly.

Yet, the firm insists that the cows received good treatment.

A $21 million settlement regarding Fairlife milk was obtained two years later.

In the spring of 2022, the Fairlife class action lawsuit was ultimately settled.

The defendants named in the settlement were Fairlife, Coca-Cola, and Fair Oaks Farms. The place where the animal mistreatment footage was captured is here.

The owners of Fairlife, Fair Oaks Farms, and Select Milk Producers, Inc. are Mike and Sue McCloskey.

The defendants settled “to avert additional litigation,” although maintaining their denial of all claims that their milk is produced inhumanely.

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Is Fairlife Milk the Best Choice?

It is commonly known that milk is a fantastic source of calcium and protein. So, we must choose the food item that is most nutrient-dense and least expensive.

According to a recent Fast Company article, Fairlife milk is a reliable source of calcium and protein all over the world.

Also, compared to other milk products, milk has half the amount of sugar and carbs. If we’re seeking healthy milk of the highest quality, Fairlife should be at the top of our list.

Why are Fairlife shakes out of stock everywhere?

There will be no Fairlife milk in 2022 for several reasons. The Fairlife Milk Company’s closure could be one of the causes.

Another factor may be a decrease in milk output brought on by fewer dairy farms. Additionally, many customers can no longer afford milk due to its recent sharp price increase.

What is going on with Fairlife?

An animal rights activist captured a covert video in 2019. It brought to light Fair Oaks Farms, which supplies milk to dairy firms including Fairlife.

The video showed horrifying proof of animal maltreatment. As a consequence, numerous businesses ceased selling Fairlife goods, and many consumers turned their backs on the company.

Customers are now curious about Fairlife’s treatment of cows three years after the issue broke and if Fairlife would keep mistreating animals in 2021.

At Fair Oaks Farms, an Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) activist worked as a covert milker. Dairy firms like Fairlife get milk from this farm (owned by the Coca-Cola Company).

The investigator’s covert body camera film showing mistreatment on the dairy farm was published by ARM on June 12th, 2019.

The group responded with a 125-page report outlining what the activist experienced, including “severe and violent animal maltreatment” within the first few hours on the job, after the video went viral.

Fairlife doesn’t provide any evidence that its cows are no longer mistreated.

A series of “ag-gag” legislation forbids the photography or filming of industrial animal farms.

The Animal Legal & History Center claims that the first time ag-gag laws were put into effect was in reaction to

activist coverts. The government enacts these rules to protect the meat, dairy, and egg sectors.

These regulations make it hard to monitor what takes on on Fairlife’s farms.

According to Fairlife, its supplier farms are working to enhance sustainability and animal welfare. But, customers are unable to keep an eye on them.

Fairlife, a brand of ultra-filtered milk owned by Coca-Cola, has promised to improve animal welfare.

As part of a $21 million settlement of lawsuits brought after claims of animal cruelty at a former “flagship” dairy supplier, they boosted control at its vendor farms.

Is there a Fairlife chocolate milk shortage?

Chocolate milk is not presently produced by Fairlife. Yet, Fairlife produces a wide range of flavorings. One of the flavors of their milk is caramel, along with strawberry, vanilla, cookies ‘n cream, and vanilla.

Since late September 2020, Fairlife chocolate milk has disappeared from shop shelves throughout the United States.

There are several potential explanations, but the corporation has not provided one. One explanation for this is that Fairlife could have trouble getting the cocoa needed to create their chocolate milk.

Another option is that, in light of the worldwide epidemic, the corporation is reevaluating its production objectives.

Whatever the cause, many Fairlife chocolate milk devotees will be disappointed by the product’s absence.

Business troubles at Houlton Farms Dairy were ultimately brought on by a supply chain issue.

The business that creates the unique cocoa blend for chocolate milk is having difficulty obtaining raw ingredients.

People have been waiting in line to purchase the well-liked beverage.

The ingredients in this recipe include carrageenan and chocolate from Houlton Farm. Tate’s imported raw materials are being impacted by port backlog.

Due to a lack of workers, supply networks have become more convoluted.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also resulted in other problems.

Due to a broken supply chain, County Yankee Grocer in Washington, D.C. could only provide one chocolate milk to each client.

Eventually, the business said that Maine would no longer be able to produce its product. Tate & Lyle is thinking about starting up its chocolate milk manufacturing again shortly.

Why have Fairlife protein shakes stopped?

Production of the Fairlife Nutrition Plan Coffee has been temporarily halted by the firm. In 2023, they also want to bring back this taste.

Fairlife is actively attempting to make more of the other Nutrition Plan products available in the next few months.

The FDA and Lyons Magnus claim that the items were recalled because they did not adhere to the standards for commercial sterilizing. They could harbor harmful germs like the one that causes sickness.


In 2021, Fairlife had a consistent double-digit revenue increase each week. Therefore, it established a new yearly record for U.S. retail sales of almost $1 billion.

According to the business, The brand reportedly also had a “significant share increase” in the value-added dairy category across all Top 10 retailers. Also, it is Instacart’s top-selling brand in the relevant category.

Moreover, Fairlife achieved important strides in the commercially crucial fields of animal welfare and sustainable practices.

In its recently published stewardship report, Fairlife cites significant accomplishments.

This includes boosting community support via its grant program and ensuring that all of its supplier farms fully implement the required animal care standards.

As a result, it is on the right track to reaching its 2025 target of having 100% recyclable packaging.

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