Did Milk Duds get discontinued?

Did Milk Duds get discontinued? or Are they not making Milk Duds anymore?

Milk Duds are still made and produced by Hershey at their factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Cocoa butter was formerly used to make Milk Duds.

It had added to the creamy, rich taste of the desert, but that is no longer the case.

Subsequently, it states that Hershey changed the formula for Milk Duds and several other chocolate candies in 2008.

It is a simple dessert. Starting with a little caramel ball, the procedure starts. The caramel ball is then covered with chocolate.

Chocolate simply has two ingredients: cocoa and vegetable oil. When chocolate and caramel are combined, they result in a chewy ball of deliciousness.

Milk Duds were first produced in 1928. They’re almost at the 100-year mark, and we think they’ll make it.

There are some unpleasant reports that Milk Duds have been discontinued. It is wholly untrue as of the time this article was written.

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Have milk duds been discontinued?

Contrary to popular belief, Milk Duds have been on the market since 1928.

The Hershey Corporation continues to produce less-oval chocolate caramel candies in boxes that have a vibrant orange-yellow color.

This candy was created by Hoffman & Company, a company situated in the Chicago region.

They started here, but they didn’t stick about the CompanyCompany for very long.

M.J. Holloway & Company purchased Hoffman and Company Company in 1928. They took over the production of Milk Duds at that point.

For many years, Hoffman & Co. maintained production while M.J. Holloway and Company continued distribution.

In 1960, Beatrice Foods purchased Hoffman & Company Company, which resulted in a shift in ownership of Milk Duds at that time.

In 1986, Milk Duds were once again on sale. Leaf purchased the Milk Duds brand and continued to produce it.

Up until that point, the candy had been produced in Chicago, where it had all begun.

Nevertheless, Leaf moved manufacture to a new site in 1992 from Robinson, Illinois.

Just a few years later, in 1996, Hershey Foods Company purchased Leaf. They bought a bunch of candy, including Milk Duds.

Milk Duds are still made and produced by Hershey at their factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

You can see that Milk Duds’ ownership has changed a lot throughout the years.

Nonetheless, they continue to be produced and are a well-liked sweet.

They are present everywhere, even at candy stores and movie theaters.

How were milk duds invented?

To lower the cost of Milk Duds, The Hershey Corporation decided to change the ingredients. The recipe’s only known modification occurred in 2008.

Instead of employing cocoa butter, they shifted to more affordable oil substitutes.

With this change, they were still able to sell this delectable candy for a reasonable price.

To comply with FDA rules, Hershey had to change the product labeling and packaging. Candy cannot be marketed as milk chocolate coated unless it is coated with cocoa butter, per FDA restrictions.

The phrases “chocolate candy” or “chocolate coating” should be used on the labels due to the changed ingredients.

Each Milk Dud is the right size to put in our mouth. Whether we chew them or appreciate them is totally up to us.

The “dud” component ultimately resulted from the fact that they were originally planned to be consistently rounded perfectly.

The failure of that notion led to the development of Milk Dud candy. They now acknowledge that each sweet is unique and irregularly shaped.

In fact, for some of us, this increases our enjoyment of sweets.

Is there a shortage of Milk Duds?

Several sources have made mention of Milk Duds being discontinued. Yet this is a fallacious assertion. Milk Duds are still readily accessible and easy to find.

Milk Duds may be purchased for a very low price from a variety of places, including online candy stores, physical candy stores, Amazon, and various chain stores.

Also, a variety of petrol stations sell these. Finally, if you visit the theater, you may also get Milk Duds as a sweet substitute.

Despite their lengthy history, Milk Duds are still commonly available for consumption.

Millions of Milk Duds are made!

Even if you don’t like sweets, there are surely fans of Milk Duds. What else could explain the Company’s over 100-year history of operation if not successful?

If you need any more evidence that Milk Duds are still popular, look at how many are produced each week.

Each week, the Milk Duds factory used around 100 metric tonnes of corn syrup, 44 metric tonnes of chocolate coating, 50 metric tonnes of powdered sugar, and 38 metric tonnes of sweet condensed Milk.

This is true, the Chicago Tribune reported in 1986. 2 million boxes of Milk Duds or 32.5 million individual sweets are produced per day.

Even though Milk Duds has been a mainstay of the candy industry for a while, the company has changed since it was first introduced.

Throughout the years, the candy has been distributed in at least 40 different kinds of packaging.

Again, since the debut of Milk Duds, styles, logos, and marketing collateral have changed. During its almost 100-year existence, the recipe must be followed.


It seems sensible that if something was invented in 1928, the formula would change with time.

After all, tastes might change with time, along with the quality and availability of the components. Some may even be dated.

Hershey changed the Milk Duds and other chocolate candy recipes. Because of rising costs, Hershey purposefully discontinued cocoa butter.

As a consequence, Hershey switched from utilizing cocoa butter to using vegetable oils to make Milk Duds.

As a result, the adjustment was minor enough to have no impact on the candy’s consistency.

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