CVS Stores closing list 2023? (Must Know)

CVS stores closing list 2023?

Recent news sources state that CVS Health would close 110 stores nationwide in March and April of 2023.

An evaluation of the company’s retail presence and market demand led to the decision. 

By the shop closings, 16 states will be affected, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

The nation’s largest drugstore chain said that the closures represent fewer than 1% of its roughly 10,000 outlets in the U.S.A. and that the affected staff members would be given employment in adjacent shops or severance payouts.

Customers have been reassured by CVS that the business is still dedicated to providing crucial healthcare services and goods to the communities it serves.

It’s vital to clarify that the decision to close the shops is not the result of financial difficulties or the COVID-19 epidemic, even though the particular locations of the stores have not yet been disclosed.

As many individuals depended on pharmacies for their healthcare requirements during the epidemic, CVS has witnessed a large rise in demand for its goods and services over the past year.

The closings are often a part of CVS’s continual attempts to improve its retail presence and provide its customers with the best service possible.

Beyond the 110 locations stores to close in 2023, the firm has not disclosed any other store closing plans.

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Why are CVS stores closing In The USA?

CVS stores closing list 2023

According to sources, CVS has not released a formal statement on the rationale for the closures of its US stores.

Yet, some experts contend that the corporation is increasingly up against bargain merchants and internet retailers, whose market share has been rapidly eroding.

The COVID-19 epidemic may have also altered customer behavior, which may have led to the closures.

The fact that more consumers are buying online or at bigger stores may have made it difficult for CVS to remain competitive.

The business has also been going through a time of transformation, with new management and strategic adjustments being made to enhance operations and profitability.

Another factor that has contributed to the decrease in physical retail businesses is the trend toward Internet purchasing.

Nowadays, many consumers choose to buy their health and beauty items online, which has led to a decline in foot traffic and revenue in actual CVS stores.

How many CVS stores are closing in the USA?

According to the information given by CVS Health, the firm reported 74 locations will be shut down nationwide by the end of March 2023.

Both freestanding pharmacies and outlets within Target stores are included in the impacted sites, which are dispersed throughout 21 states.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of CVS stores closing by state:

  • Arizona: 2
  • California: 8
  • Connecticut: 3
  • Florida: 11
  • Georgia: 2
  • Illinois: 2
  • Indiana: 2
  • Maryland: 1
  • Massachusetts: 4
  • Michigan: 3
  • Minnesota: 3
  • Missouri: 2
  • Nevada: 2
  • New Hampshire: 1
  • New York: 6
  • North Carolina: 1
  • Ohio: 3
  • Oregon: 3
  • Pennsylvania: 3
  • Texas: 8
  • Virginia: 4

It’s important to note that these closures only make up a tiny portion of the 9,900 CVS locations throughout the nation.

Outside the ones slated for March 2023, the firm has not disclosed any closure intentions.

The closures are being justified by CVS Health for several reasons, including the need to optimize the company’s real estate portfolio, changes in client preferences, and changes in the retail environment.

To lessen the effects of the closures on the impacted workers, the firm said it would look into chances for transfers to other sites.

The precise number of CVS locations that will close in the USA is still unknown.

The bulk of the shop closings is anticipated to occur in March and April of 2023, with an estimated 900 locations shut down by the end of 2022.

It should be noted that CVS has not verified the precise number of shops that will close, but several media sites have published these estimations based on data from unnamed sources.

It’s crucial to remember that although the closing of these shops is significant, it only accounts for a tiny part of all CVS sites nationwide.

Less than 10% of CVS’s total sites as of 2021—when there were over 9,900 outlets nationwide—will be closed.

Store closures have a variety of causes, including shifting customer patterns, greater competition from internet merchants and other brick-and-mortar businesses, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on the retail sector as a whole.

To stay competitive in the shifting retail market, CVS may also be aiming to simplify its operations and concentrate on its most lucrative sites.

Nevertheless, CVS is undertaking major adjustments to its retail operations in response to the issues confronting the sector, even though the precise number of shops that may close is still unknown.

As the corporation continues to adjust to the changing retail environment, customers may anticipate changes to the CVS store layout in the next months and years.

The Sunshine and Glenstone CVS stores are closing!

The company just revealed, in Springfield, Missouri, CVS Pharmacy’s South Glenstone Avenue facility will soon close. 

With this choice, a 59-year partnership between the city and the drugstore will come to an end.

The shop, which was first built in December 1961 and was once known as Kats City Drug Store, has been a recognizable part of Springfield’s history because of its cutting-edge construction methods and unique geological links.

The firm decided on the store’s site since it was near the intersection of Glenstone and Sunshine and Springfield’s booming southwest region.

After 124 days of construction, the structure, which was created by the renowned architectural firm Kivett, Myers, and McCallum, encompassed 74,500 square feet.

Before combining with Skaggs Drug Company in 1971 and changing its name to Skaggs Thrifty City, Katz Drug occupied the building.

After Osco Drug’s parent company, Jewel Companies, acquired Skaggs in 1984, Osco Drug opened a store there and operated it there until 2007 when CVS Corporation acquired it. Before it was reported in 2019 that it will close on April 1 of that year, the shop was a CVS drugstore.

Market Street Liquidation and Pallet Sales, on the other hand, said on July 17, 2022, that they had acquired the building.

It’s unknown if the property will once again be utilized as a pharmacy or what the new owners have in mind for it.

Yet the loss of the Sunshine and Glenstone CVS locations also signifies the end of an era and the connection between the drugstore and the city of Springfield.


In conclusion, even though CVS Health Company hasn’t made an official announcement about the total number of locations that would shut in 2023, sources indicate that as many as 900 stores may do so.

These closures are a part of the company’s continued efforts to streamline its store footprint, concentrate on areas with greater performance, and adapt to changing customer trends and the retail environment.

Although the store closings will surely affect both the impacted staff members and the surrounding neighborhoods, CVS is still dedicated to offering its clients high-quality healthcare goods and services via its remaining locations and online platforms.

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