Are Staples going out of business in 2023? (Rumors or Truth)

Are Staples going out of business in 2023?

A leader in the large box sector, Staples, announced in 2014 that 140 of its locations would be closing in the United States and Canada. Grand & Toy, a well-regarded Canadian office supply firm, shuttered its retail outlets earlier this year to focus on both conventional and online buying because they focused on online sales and adjusted their product selection when traditional item sales fell.

As compared to less-priced online rivals, Staples’ loss may be considered a component of the wider collapse of big-box stores.

It may also be seen as a component of a larger trend of B2B sales shifting online, however.

88% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase a product online, according to a study.

In addition, B2B sales data are almost twice as high as the B2C sales figures that are the focus of all media coverage. As a consequence, there is a major change in B2B buying.

The use of eCommerce by manufacturers and other firms that supply other enterprises gives amazing opportunities.

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Why are they closing Staples?

Staples, Inc. is in charge of the biggest network of office supply shops in the country. It provides a broad range of goods at reasonable prices and mostly serves small company owners.

This concept was created by Staples in 1986. It immediately grew after opening its first location in the Boston area.

Subsequently, the company started to expand outside of the Northeast; by the early 2000s, there were over 1,300 Staples locations in both large cities and small communities distributed over 45 states, the District of Columbia, and 10 Canadian provinces.

In addition to its retail activities, the firm runs a delivery service. It comprises catalog and online businesses operating under the Quill and Staples names.

It also has contract stationery companies that provide office supplies to significant and medium-sized enterprises.

Over 200 Staples stores are open for business in Europe, some of which include Office Centres in Portugal and the Netherlands and Staples in the United Kingdom. Germany, too.

Other foreign office supply mail-order businesses that the business works with include JPG and Bernard in France and Belgium, Kalamazoo in Spain, Neat Ideas in the United Kingdom, and MondOffice in Italy.

The idea put out by Stemberg called for direct distribution of office materials. Manufacturers of paper and other goods have historically sold their goods to one of the six biggest wholesalers in the country.

The wholesalers then made their items available to merchants of office and stationery supplies.

Dealers provided goods to large firms, while stationers catered to small businesses and individuals.

The two tiers of middlemen that were present between the manufacturer and the buyer, however, significantly raised expenses along the way.

There will be 1,029 Staples locations in the US as of July 27, 2022. With 140 sites or 13% of all Staples locations nationwide, California is the state with the most Staples stores.

But, Staples made a strategic choice last year that is anticipated to have an impact on U.S. operations following a lengthy history of mergers and acquisitions.

In 2021, Staples sold its branch operations in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Benelux, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland.

As a consequence, the brand vanished from the majority of Europe. Throughout the Benelux, the Staples name will continue to be used.

Since 2015, certain Staples stores have been swiftly disappearing throughout the US. As the business works toward its European divestiture, it is anticipated that this tendency would continue.

Staples announced the closure of approximately 140 U.S. sites in 2020 in response to competition from online retailers.

The corporation decided to concentrate on business-to-business transactions rather than brick-and-mortar businesses because of the huge rise in a competition that has taken place as of today, in 2022.

Emporia, Kansas in May; Framingham, Massachusetts in June; Austin, Texas in August; and more cities have recently announced closures for 2022.

Forecasters anticipate that it will shut permanently in numbers similar to those of the closures since 2015.

Are Staples doing well?

The epidemic has caused millions of customers throughout the country to change into office administrators.

It converts portions of their homes into workplaces and provides them with everything they need to do their tasks.

The resurgence of the office supply industry may have been influenced by the growth of the work-from-home trend.

For their requirements in the home office, consumers depend on retail.

Commercial dealers have always been trusted by large corporate clients; the largest of them are associated with the most recognizable office supply store names.

They do, however, have a long history of making relatively few purchases from retail experts like Staples and ODP Corp.’s Office Depot and OfficeMax brands.

The epidemic has caused a halt to the steady decline in store counts and sales.

The COVID-19 problem increased both traffic volume and distant jobs. Also, it accelerates customer spending with generalist and online retailers, both of which provide comfort and affordable costs.

With the industry adjusting to new trends, Staples and ODP are experiencing an existential crisis. Formerly, controlled by the private equity firm Sycamore, has been vying for ODP and its retail business.

A merger would remove all but one key rival from the retail industry, which is unstable, changing, and declining.

In the field of office supplies, there is a noteworthy and potential partnership between ODP Corp. and Staples.

ODP, the company that owns Office Depot and OfficeMax, decided to reject any offers this summer to preserve its independence.

The decision was taken after a protracted process in which Staples had been seeking a buyout for $40 per share, or $2.1 billion, since early 2021. (ODP said that in addition to Staples, the company rejected another offer from an unidentified party.)

ODP also resisted selling up its consumer business. The business had spent more than a year developing a proposition.

If it had been put into practice, it would have created two separate, publicly listed corporations for its business-to-business and retail sectors.

They run complimentary businesses that are both B2B and B2C. “When it’s fragmented, the performance decreases.”

Yet, Office Depot and Staples have been partners for much longer. In 2016, the Staples-Office Depot merger was halted by the FTC.

That is because there are worries that the combined corporation would have too much political power and influence in the market for corporate contracts.

The competitive market would suffer as a result. Staples said in 2015 that it will pay $6.3 billion to acquire Office Depot, a competitor.

Did Staples go out of business in 2023?

Staples presently controls the largest section of the business with a market share of more than 47%.

Thanks to its banners, ODP is in second position with 36% of the market.

These two experts are the final two with a considerable market share. In terms of market share, Staples and ODP are rated No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

What happens in the fourth quarter will have an impact on financial transactions in the following year.

“If this holiday season fails to go well, then you’re likely to see more mergers conversations,” said Gautham Vadakkepatt, director of the Center for Retail Transformation at George Mason University, adding that independent retailers might undergo consolidations or even bankruptcy.

Yet retailers looking for a technique might take center stage next year.

The strategy is to either generate income or preserve their individuality while operating under a corporate brand.

The author predicted that there would be an increase in mergers and agreements since they provide a way out of difficult market conditions.

In retail, you may distinguish between winners and losers. Vadakkepatt said that everyone thought the demand pull-forward you saw from the COVID rise would persist.


Financially, Staples is doing well. It remains the top office supply company in the country in terms of both site count and revenue.

Due to its increased focus on business-to-business supply and increasing competition from e-Commerce, the entity’s operating model is progressively transitioning away from brick and mortar.

At the time of writing, the majority of Staples locations throughout Europe were permanently shut down.

Staples is just shutting some of its U.S. sites; the business will only selectively shutter some of its physical facilities here even if it is predicted that the U.S. shift would continue.

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