Are Mini Eggs being discontinued in 2023?

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued in 2023?

The popular Easter treat is composed of milk chocolate that is firm.

It is encased in a colored candy shell—pink, blue, white, or yellow—to mimic a real egg.

These debuted in 1967, the same year that Cadbury introduced their well-known Creme Egg. Since then, it has been ingrained in British society.

Many throughout the UK were devastated when it was revealed this month that 2023 would be the last Easter when they may be purchased.

Therefore, nothing we read online should be taken seriously.

Tiny Eggs will still be available for purchase in shops. The popular Easter treat will continue to be produced indefinitely.

Recently, the story spread on social media, however, it is incorrect.

Moreover, Cadbury refuted the false TikTok stories. Tell us more about the topic covered in this article.

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Cadbury Mini Eggs

Eggs are everywhere throughout the Easter season.

It will be present in the candy shop, the front yard, and the Easter table decorations.

If they like chocolate eggs, they probably prefer the Cadbury creme eggs. 

Although Cadbury mini eggs are a strong competitor for the title of finest Easter treat ever, the traditional Easter delicacy is popular for a reason.

Tiny eggs are often only available during Easter.

This is the reason why some enthusiasts empty local grocers of all the little eggs on hand.

Several individuals started a petition to attempt to make these accessible all year long, but so far their efforts have failed.

There are several unique mini-egg alternatives from Cadbury. This comprises:

  • dark mini eggs (with dark chocolate filling)
  • shimmer mini eggs (the milk chocolate original, but with sparkle).
  • white mini eggs (solid white chocolate with a speckled candy coating)

Are Mini Eggs being discontinued?

In the UK, the well-liked Cadbury Mini Eggs are not being phased out.

Although demand for the popular milk chocolate variety is steady, the company has chosen to stop producing its Royal Dark Mini Eggs in 2019.

NunuChocolate asserts that Cadbury was compelled to discontinue manufacturing the product in 2019 as a result of declining sales and changing customer tastes.

Several consumers who appreciated the dark chocolate dessert were probably unhappy with the decision. Virginia Trible, a disgruntled client, then organized an online petition.

Dark chocolate mini eggs were superior to milk chocolate versions.

The UK’s chocolate enthusiasts have not been affected. It’s because only Americans could get the dark chocolate variant.

Supply issues for Mini Eggs

The well-liked pint-sized Easter treats are still produced by Cadbury.

Nonetheless, a number of merchants have asserted that they could run out of Mini Eggs by Easter 2022.

In April 2022, business owner Goran Raven remarked on that the lack of small eggs had upset many consumers.

He talked with 15 different shops during a trade show. None of them, he found, had any Little Eggs on hand.

The unavailability of small eggs in the West Midlands and Northern Ireland was challenged as well by other business owners. It’s hard to find Crème and Tiny Eggs.

This is according to businessman Eugene Diamond, who is located in Ballymena. Both customers and company owners were aware of the mini-egg scarcity.

It’s a result of some mini-egg aficionados making social media complaints.

Cadbury’s Tiny Eggs are produced by Mondelez International.

They said that nothing was wrong at the time. Being one of the nation’s favorite Easter items, Cadbury Mini Eggs “play a significant part in the celebratory event,” according to the company.

As a result, they are pleased to say that there aren’t any shortages or manufacturing problems with Cadbury Mini Eggs right now.

Let’s hope that this situation won’t come up again in April 2023.

About Cadbury Mini Eggs

According to delish, Eggs may be found all around throughout the Easter season, including in Easter table centerpieces, the confectionery store, and your front yard.

You see what I mean. If you like chocolate eggs, we have a hunch that Cadbury creme eggs are your preferred brand.

Although the traditional Easter treat is well-liked for a reason, Cadbury tiny eggs are a worthy rival for the title of finest Easter sweet ever.

Cadbury tiny eggs are very irresistible because of their pastel-colored, hard candy shell exterior, creamy milk chocolate inside, and small size.

As real fans are aware that they are only accessible for a brief period of time, you could even be accumulating them right now. More on it is below!

Check out our Peeps skillet s’mores and Easter egg strawberries if you want to make some handmade Easter delights. Here is all the information you want on Cadbury small eggs.

Mini eggs, like Cadbury creme eggs, are often only sold during the Easter season, which is why some fans empty local supermarkets of all their small egg stock.

To attempt to make them accessible all year round, several people organized a petition, but so far their efforts have been fruitless.

Need a Mini egg that is out of season badly? Move here

Apparently, according to this Reddit post, Cadbury tiny eggs are available all year long in Canada and the U.K. if you’re a serious fan.

Variety is the spice of life, even if the original candy-coated, solid milk chocolate micro eggs are excellent in their current form. 

Good goodness, the Cadbury Gods have provided us with a variety of small egg choices: There are three types of tiny eggs: white, dark, and shimmer.

White mini eggs are solid white chocolate with a speckled candy covering, while dark small eggs have a dark chocolate filling.

Now, let’s pour one out for the once popular variant bursting micro eggs—think Pop Rocks, only smaller!

Also, full versions are available.

Try any of Cadbury’s other small eggs, which feature goopy fillings like milk chocolate, Oreo, and Daim, if you enjoy the notion of little chocolate eggs but don’t like their firm core or candy shell (a Swedish almond toffee bar). The only places you can buy them are online or in the United Kingdom, so you’ll have to have them sent to you.

The Mini egg’s origins date back more than 150 years.

Queen Victoria designated Cadbury as her preferred chocolate supplier in 1854 by issuing them a royal warrant. The earliest eggs, known as “dragees,” were fashioned with dark chocolate and filled with chocolate droplets that had been coated in sugar in 1875. But, the little eggs as we know them didn’t appear until 1967.

They seem different in various nations.

Little eggs may not seem how most Americans are used to seeing them if you visit outside of the United States. In the United States, small eggs come in a single color, even blue. But, to make eggs seem more authentically egg-like in the U.K., they are sprinkled with speckles. They don’t come in blue; they only come in white, yellow, pink, and purple.

This TikToker claims that the taste of the British version is far superior. These are combative words!

These may enhance the quality of your chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t just substitute Cadbury tiny eggs for the chocolate chips; instead, include both in the recipe, as this TikTok developer did. The little eggs not only offer more color and texture but also brightness and vibrancy. We can’t believe we didn’t come up with this idea first.

They may also prepare a delicious dessert dip.

Cadbury Mini Eggs were transformed into a cream cheese-based dip by blogger ConservaMom, who also added powdered sugar and broken eggs. It is the ideal Easter brunch appetizer when paired with graham crackers, cookies, or fruit (if your sweet tooth can handle all the sugar!). This YouTube video demonstrates an alternative sweet dip recipe.

Mini eggs are often the subject of debate.

As previously established, tiny eggs and their creme egg relatives are only available around Easter. As a result, several fans were upset when Cadbury decided to transfer the term “Easter” from the front of the container to the back. Yet people still seem to be fixated on them.

Mini Eggs are produced by The Hershey Corporation.

In reality, Hershey’s produces all Cadbury goods in the United States as a result of the license deal. According to The Hershey Company, several Cadbury candy products are exclusively offered in the US and are manufactured under license by The Hershey Company. “Cadbury England continues to manufacture and market its goods abroad.”


When many stores bring back some of their cherished, limited-edition goods for Easter, it is a season of memories.

Nowadays, everything from luxury Easter eggs to white chocolate bunnies is sold in shops. It’s because Shrove Tuesday’s pancake-eating frenzy is finally over.

Unfortunately, not all of our favorite treats with animal themes will be back in March. According to a Cadbury representative, one item that has been retired is the Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon.

After reports that Tiny Eggs were being phased out, which terrified those with sweet tooths around, the news was made.

“We’re always listening to our Cadbury customers to ensure that our Easter range incorporates their favorites and reflects their altering taste preferences,” a spokeswoman for Cadbury said.

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